The standard question is: How much will it cost to have my carpet cleaned? In reality, I can’t answer that question over the phone.  How big is the area? How dirty is it? What colour should the carpet be? What’s been spilled on it? What fibre is it made of? What is the type of construction? Has it been cleaned before? Have you tried to get the stains out and what have you used? I need to to see these to give a quote.

The Yellow Pages and Newspapers are full of cheap, untrained carpet cleaners that will have a go at your carpet for next to nothing. I don’t fit into that category.

Having said that, I am not as expensive as you might now be imagining. I have full Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Treatment Risk Insurance. These insurances are things that many cheaper operators don’t have. Public Liability does not cover your furniture or carpets that they are working on.

Also, there are a number of factors that affect price. How much furniture we have to move. How dirty the carpet is. The volume of carpet cleaning. Also, if you choose to thoroughly vacuum yourself, and move the furniture out of the rooms to be cleaned, this can reduce the price we charge. The rate for one room is higher than the rate for several rooms. (Once we are set up and cleaning we might as well keep working!) We offer special rates for empty houses. (Pre moving in cleans)

N.B. If you are moving into a new home, we can liaise with your agent so that we can gain access prior to moving in (where possible). But here’s the special part. If your carpets get marked on moving in day, we will come back and clean it up FOR FREE!

So price is a valid concern, but you must weigh off Value versus Price. Someone may offer what appears to be a keen price, but how good a value is their service. We guarantee that the value of our service outweighs the price involved.

There is no obligation with our written quotation, and tie that to our Money Back Guarantee, and what have you got to lose?