Curtain Cleaning

We offer an In Situ Curtain Cleaning Process. This is a valuable service because, 1) you don’t have to lose your curtains for a few days, 2) you don’t have to struggle taking the curtains down, 3) you don’t have to take them into town to the Dry Cleaners, and 4) you don’t have to struggle to re-hang them afterwards.

You can choose to have them Dry Cleaned or you can have them Steam Cleaned where they hang.

Firstly, as with all our cleaning, we thoroughly vacuum the curtains both sides and the header tape (This is the area that gets dirtiest and where all the creepy crawlies like to hide).

We then clean the face fabric of the curtains. We don’t clean the lining as;
1) this wastes dry cleaning solvent,
2) most lining fabrics have drastically changed in appearance due to UV fading and condensation watermarking which is almost impossible to do anything about.

We charge for the cleaning based on the ungathered square meterage of the curtains.